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Trout and char fishing on Laksefjordvidda

  • Period: From 1st of July until 31st of September
  • Mountain boat can be hired at your convenience
  • Accommodation will take place in element lavvo with four beds
  • This is what you will find in the lavvo: bed bunks, a wood stove, wood, lamps and first aid equipment
  • Food items can be arranged upon request
  • Additional charge for transfer to or from airport (Kirkenes airport (KKN) or Ivalo airport (IVL))
  • Cabin available for rent at your request
  • Spa, farewell dinner and breakfast deals can be included at your request
  • Ask us for a price offer!

Fishing for trout and char in the Mienna streams

The Mienna streams make up a large mountain lake area. There are two large fishing lakes with many small lakes and ponds around them. The lakes end up in the Tana River by Laksjok.

The Mienna streams are about four hours walking distance from the village of Sirma, and about 2 hours drive with ATV, or in wintertime 45 minutes by snowmobile. In the northern part the water is low, while in the south the waters have some deeper areas. The lakes have a good population of grayling, trout and char of up to 5-600 grams, with some individuals up to 0.8 kg.

Fishing in the Mienna streams can be done both by casting from a boat and by trolling. There are about twenty different lakes nearby which have good trout and char populations (0,5 kilos to 1 kilo). These small lakes provide excellent opportunities for fly fishing, and the terrain is easily accessible by foot.

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70.091087,27.00148 Kartlink Kartlink

Fishing for trout and char on Deavkanjohka

Deavkanjohka is a salmon river from about 2 miles where it ends into the Tana River at Laksjok. It goes right up Deavkanjohka salmon and countless 'loabbalat' (small lakes.) Right up the salmon river is Roavvevarri. This area is not as weathered as parts of the plateau and is particularly suitable for fly fishing. Deavkanjohka is wide and homebase for salmon, trout and char. On both of sides of the river are many good fishing lakes within a distance of an hour walk.

The terrain is easy to walk but sometimes along the river it can be little bit willow. Accommodation on the basis of an established campsite by the river. Transportation to the camp is form Sirma and goes with terrain vehicle and takes about 1,5 hours from Sirma.

  • Price: per person per week approx 3500 kr

Map link 70.105228,27.178431 Kartlink

Fishing for trout and char on Guolpi/Ullugaisa area

Guolpi/Ullugaisa area has many good fishing lakes with 'Goddetjávrit' as the main one on vassdraget. This area's will be not much even rarely meet other people, so if you are looking for a unique tranqualiti in quiet peacefull nature this is the place for you!

Goddet Water and Large Goddetvannet has a very good population of trout and arctic char up to 1 kg. The basses of this fishing we offer is a lavvo located on northern waters. With fishing it offers access to a boat. Fishery consists easily casting from a boat with easy spin of fly and trolling. This fishing can provide large catches. Ullugaisa area is located high up on the plateau, and therefore more weathered than in mountain forest. In this area there are many excellent fishing lakes within an hour walk which has good populations of trout and char from 0.5 to 1.5kg. Here are also some small lakes that provide excellent opportunities for fly fishing. The terrain is easy going. In these lakes are rarely fished by other people. Only a fraction part of the local population. 

Accommodation in element Lavvo and possible supplemented by tents.
Transport to the camp happens to ATV's and takes about 3 hours from Sirma. In winter period by snowmobile about 1,15 hours.

  • Price: per person per week approx 5500 kr

Map link 70.143863,26.885548 Kartlink