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Tana River is the largest and most important salmon rivers. With some 120 mil salmon stretch across the main river and in his 57 tributaries. The top op de Tana River accounted to about a third of all catches of salmon in Norway. Tana River also sets Norway on a the record with a salmon for 36 kg. Yearly salmon taken at over 20 pounds.

The lower parts of Tana River is wide and slowly flowing. The first real big rapids called Great Falls, witch is the first sport fishing area that salmon ancounter on their journey up the river. This location is about 6miles from the sea. The fishing that Viddas Sønn offers to clients al from over land in Sirma. Fishing takes place from mid June to late July. Best period is usually from 10 June till 15 July.

To fish for salmon fishing you must pay Social Security tax called Fiskettrygdeavgiften. Also a local fishing license for that area of the river you'll be fishing. 

  • Fiskettygdeavgiften currently cost 235 kr.

  • The license for boat fishing including fishing from shore cost 320 a day (2011 prices).

  • Fishing from shore only cost 200 (2011prices).

Salmon fishing in Tana/Sirma

  • Salmon fishing in Sirma

  • Salmon fishing from shore in Sirma area
• Period: 10 June ill 10 August


Viddas Sønn offers accommodation in element Lavvo by the river side in Sirma area. 5 full oppred beds, single dining table, wood stove, wood for in the stove, surfaces, utensils, lightning equipment and first aid equipment.
Grilling of Tana salmon on request as more companies 
Price: per person per day in huts 250 kr

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