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Viddas Sønn offers fishing trips on the Laksefjord Plateau during the summer and winter seasons.

Trout and char fishing on the Laksefjord Plateau are widely known. In this area it is common to catch more than 1-pound large fish. There are hundreds of lakes where there are opportunities to catch trout and char for up to 1 kilo and sometimes even bigger fish. Fishing is done with light spin and fly rods. The area is a typical highland area in Finnmark. Between several of the lakes run small rivers where there are also great opportunities for fly fishing.

The best time for fishing during the summer is from July through August.

Ice fishing takes place from February until early May.

The main base for all fishing is at Miennacohka by the Mienna stream.

We also offer salmon fishing in the world's top salmon river, the Tana River. We have access to some of the finest fishing places along the Tana River. We also have boats available for salmon fishing.


Accommodation for the trips is in Viddas Sønn's self-produced element lavvos, supplemented with ordinary lavvos or gamme, as well as with traditional Sámi gamme, a cabin made according to Sámi tradition. The traditional lavvo has been used by Sámi people for centuries as housing. The lavvo is also in use in our daily lives for various purposes. Viddas Sønn has developed a modern-day version of the traditional lavvo. We also have a high-standard cabin available for rent in Sirma.

  • Wood veneer lavvo with bed and table
  • Several lavvos, big and small gamme
  • High-standard cabins with internet/WiFi connection and bathroom
  • Apartments with internet

Fishing license

For fishing in freshwater in Finnmark as a visitor you must purchase a fishing license at the Finnmark Estate Agency (Finnmarkseiendommen).

For fishing license, please visit:
For a one-week fishing license, please visit the Finnmark Estate Agency (Finnmarkseiendommen):